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13 Sep

I got in late last night, and had a particularly vivid dream. I was at home, sleeping in my basement for some reason, and there was a tarantula. Not a hairy one, but more of a pointy and scary kind of creature. We have cave crickets down there in real life that we are perpetually exterminating (and I’m petrified because they jump so so so high) but they’re not dangerous. But I digress. Anyway, this tarantula crept onto my foot, and though I tried to shake it off, crawled up and bit my neck. I woke up shortly afterwards and my neck is still sore. Weird.

Anyway. Week two of senior year begins tomorrow. I’m trying to get some reading done before a stream of meetings starts. I have a problem: I’m enrolled in way too many classes given my commitments outside of class. On the one hand, I’d be crazy to go through with them. On the other hand, how can I not take these classes? I’m a senior, an old fart, and have almost no more chances to learn so much at once. Whadaya think? I’m sensing a poll soon, maybe?



14 Jul

Overheard in midtown. Man in suit: “Ah, gotta love interns. They get free credits. We get free labor.”

Anyway. Yesterday was a good today. Nice weather and a city councilman press conference. Today was nice too. The weather was beautiful. And today started off extra promising: you know that new coffee shop that’s replacing Dunkin in many spots? The one I was starting to resent because it hogged wayyy too many news stories? Well, the store redeemed itself by giving me (and everyone else) free coffee! No one gives me free coffee! Thank you Tim Horton for the caffeine. Anyway, today was talking to Salvation Army people around midtown, which was fine.

Saw I love you Beth Cooper with a friend tonight. Sort of stupid but cute.

My right eye is bothering me, so I haven’t been able to read too much. This means I’m at page 50 in Stendhal. And I am very, very impressed.

Tomorrow: Music? Then Harry Potter, then free poetry class. I have a lot to look forward to.
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