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More on search terms

2 Sep

Only because I find it amusing, I will say that the last few days have brought readers eager to learn about “gauchos,” “terminator suit,” “eminem,” and, my personal favorite, “banana peel related injuries.” Awesome.

Just got back from a productive day followed by two matches at the U. S. Open. I love watching tennis—human athleticism in the quantities latent in Sharapova and Andy Murray is a thing to behold. And no matter how far up you sit, that display is always different from any image on your TV screen.

In other news, Spec’s orientation issue came out today! Be sure to check it out if you’re around town, or read it online.


Being a couch bum for the day

26 May

Watching episode after episode of the West Wing (up to season 4 now) makes me want to save the world.

Even though I’m sometimes down on my home town, today reminded me that Great Neck is kind of nice during the summer. Tonight we ate dinner outside, and it was so lovely. Yesterday, I played tennis in the park with my brother. And went back to the piano—hopefully I can continue to practice hardcore for the rest of the summer to make up for lost time. Went to a friend’s house for conversation and Gilmore Girls. I have the rest of the week to chill. Then comes Shavuot, then one more day, then work 6 days a week (still figuring out exactly what). Yikes!


29 Apr

On Monday, my tennis class ceased to exist as such. Instead, the instructor took us out for a walk in the park, literally. Our Riverside Park travails took us to Grant’s Tomb. Surprise! It was his birthday. So the musket popped, the ladies’ period costumes swirled on their hoops, and local politicians put on a show in front of school children and Barnard students in tennis clothing. Then we walked down to the tennis courts, where we watched people playing on courts that are supposedly super special. Pictures to come.

Though I resented losing the tennis time—it was our second-to-last class of the semester, and I truly love the sport—I appreciated the opportunity to explore an area shrouded in trees and daubed with birds. During my busy schedule, I don’t make enough time for myself to do things like that. I should. There are lots of things I should do. I also enjoyed getting to know my incredible class members outside of dreary LeFrak gym. The vastness of the park and the cheer of my colleagues provided me with a miniature escape from all things stressful and banal. So thanks, Tavius.

In other news, I have to be at an 8:30 a.m. meeting tomorrow. Which is unheard of in my life …