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13 May

Today I stubbed my toe in the morning. Really hard on the corner of a wall. And it hurt. I assumed it would just go away, but it didn’t. It bruised pretty badly and I’m sort of hobbling around campus.

It seems that this has been a bad week for several of my appendages. My computer sounds like it is either a) hiccuping its way to death or b) about to take flight. And my foot is sort of useless, just dragging along.

But at least the weather was nice!

And I got a little done today. 18/20, one final with a bit of studying. In Butler now.


On my lit paper

12 May

Margaret Cavendish is crazy.

Is it bad that my writing on Cavendish makes as little sense as her own writing? I can pass it off as being adaptive, right? Right?

My life right now.

12 May

Picture 3

Blargh. 9/20 plus one final left.

Is today the worst day to get a throbbing headache?

8 May

Yes, it is. I can’t recall a more unfortunate headache timing in my limited existence. I’m sitting in the Dodge Music Library (best study place everrrr except it’s not open late) trying to figure out what to do with this Eliot paper. I just have nothing to say. I have about 5 pages of summary, but I’m stuck. Because is it philosophy, or is it literature? It’s “philosophy of literature,” but the professor has said he doesn’t want extensive literary evidence. But then how else do you analyze literary criticism that isn’t really philosophy? I still feel paralyzed by this assignment, and am getting nervous as the clock ticks, the (extended) deadline approaches, and ideas do not proliferate in my sore head. Suggestions?


Reading the above paragraph: this paper might be the source of my headache after all.

In other news, 10/20 on the lit paper. So much more pleasurable and exhilarating to write.