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It has been sunny

29 Jul

and I am redder then ever. I will not illustrate this time–am too embarrassed.

Yesterday brought me to a treasure trove of rock memorabilia. I came in close contact with: Elvis Presley’s jumpsuit, the Michael Jackson outfit Eminem wore in his music video, a lifesize Ahnold dummy used in Terminator 2, Madonna’s love letter faxes and erotic video, artwork by John, Ringo, and Paul, and Jimi Hendrix’s first contract.

That was a ton of fun.

And today took me to the streets, where I asked New Yorkers to weigh in on the NYPD’s slim pickings of the federal stimulus fund. People were particularly talkative and open today near Penn Station. I liked that! But during this brief amount of time, the sun did its damage on my fair complexion, and I look like a brunette tomato.

Meanwhile, I am in the middle of reading the TNY Kindle article. I’m not done yet—and as Betsy pointed out, it’s self-perpetuating that the culturally snobbish (I say that with love!) New Yorker would run an anti-Kindle story—but I haven’t warmed to the idea of the device yet. People like the Kindle because it’s clean and smell-free, but I like the worn textures of books that have been places. When my high school English teacher gave me books to read, I didn’t mind that it smelled like his cigars, because the eau de tobacco comprised his reading experience. And that’s powerful, and in a sense, becomes part of the text, if you let it. But, on the other hand, it would probably be cheaper and logistically sound to use a Kindle. Still, I’m holding out as long as I can.


It’s Saturday night

12 Jul

and I’m working on an article (for the Forward.) It’s the only time I have to polish things up before deadline. But I don’t resent it, because I think this one is going to be pretty meaningful. We shall see. I just don’t feel like I’m in the zone for a hardcore editing session yet. Hopefully five minutes of distractions will cure that… and maybe I’ll even finish with enough time to get some sleep for work tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I just read about the AP’s court confirmation strategy. Pretty smart for a company usually characterized as old media. Their Twitter, AP_Courtside, is already soliciting questions from readers.

Also, I’ve had unusually vivid dreams lately. One of them was a bizarre reflection on sleepaway camp. In another, for some reason, the News office was housed in the St. Louis Beacon building (weird because one is based in NY and the other in the middle of the country.. Also weird because the Beacon doesn’t have its own building), and some supernatural disaster caused a glass ceiling to cave in on top of us. All sorts of things rained down on the building, including these brown, dirty, rectangles. Since the News didn’t have me on anything at the moment, I offered to help the Beacon’s coverage of the tragedy. So I took to the apocalyptic streets, notebook in hand, to end up … in Harlem. Which is decidedly not in Missouri. Sheesh.

Stendhal’s book is a brilliant picaresque. He’s great at capturing social subtleties. I find myself savoring over details, and reading so so so slowly. At this rate, I won’t finish until the end of the summer.

(Good) morning

8 Jul

Contrary to reports of rain, it’s a bright and sunny day. Oh well, too bad I have food poisoning. I guess this has to happen to me once a summer? Well, there’s a silver lining, I guess: at least this time around, I don’t have a phone interview for a job I really really want.

I just wish I could fall asleep and avoid all of the nastiness.

Chaucer guilt

3 Jul

Ah, working from home. So relaxing. About to make some calls for an article I’m working on. Technically I’m off today, but since i work 6 days a week, I don’t really have business hours for interviews. I’m excited about this one!

But while I was wasting time this morning in my den, watching the West Wing, Chaucer winked down at me. And by Chaucer, I mean the Riverside Chaucer, my big red edition. Meaning, I should get started on my thesis/independent study thing. Because gosh, when will I be able to do it during the year, with Spec going on etc?

And let me share this, via The New Yorker:

Now, an interview.

Chesil a go

1 Jul

After reading other reviews—and following Ian’s (oh, not McEwan! I don’t think that I channel the author’s guidance in my head…) advice—I decided, despite my unfiltered reaction to the “lazy” NYT review, I would forge ahead with On Chesil Beach. Plus, the New Yorker already got me 45 pages (or 1/5 chapters) in. So why not?

It’s okay so far, pretty good, not awful, not amazing. Worth reading, of course.

Aaaaanyway today my work assignment—not crime!—brought me close to school. It was good to be back and to bump into lots of people I know after hours. Also the sun has turned my cheeks red. But then it rained. And, of course, I was caught in it. Some things never change.

Also, I saw the South Pacific revival last week with my family. This well-done musical doused my parents and grandparents in nostalgia (my grandma sang in my ear…). I enjoyed the excellent performance, but question the value of reviving a play so historically and ideologically topical. The different reactions from different generations (at least within my family) showcased a conceptual divide: my brother and I initially had trouble grasping that a huge chunk of the plot turned on questions of marriage between different races.

This stuff was revolutionary when Rodgers and Hammerstein produced it way back when. Now, it seems sort of meaningless: the overcoming of these barriers is a conclusion that does not need to be told, let alone celebrated with three hours of music, dialogue, and elaborate sets. But its lack of dramatic intrigue in 2009 could be considered an artistic feat—a barometer that illustrates how far we’ve come.

Conversation with a puppy man

27 May

Yesterday, I went into the city for some appointments, and between them, had some time to kill. I made some new friends. For now, here’s a snippet of a chat with one of them.

While waiting to meet up with someone, I saw this sign:

Lexington Ave. near 77th st.

Lexington Ave. near 77th st.

So, of course, I had to enter. Some puppies:

Anyway, in order to not look conspicuous while loitering, I struck up a conversation with a man who works there. Apparently, they moved into the neighborhood recently because of a condo development that displaced the business (which is why I didn’t recognize the shop from my high school years.) After he asked me what I was studying, he said, “you know, what you study often has little to do with your career. For example, I studied social work. I was a social worker for several years. But then I realized that I like working with dogs more than people.”

Being a couch bum for the day

26 May

Watching episode after episode of the West Wing (up to season 4 now) makes me want to save the world.

Even though I’m sometimes down on my home town, today reminded me that Great Neck is kind of nice during the summer. Tonight we ate dinner outside, and it was so lovely. Yesterday, I played tennis in the park with my brother. And went back to the piano—hopefully I can continue to practice hardcore for the rest of the summer to make up for lost time. Went to a friend’s house for conversation and Gilmore Girls. I have the rest of the week to chill. Then comes Shavuot, then one more day, then work 6 days a week (still figuring out exactly what). Yikes!