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Things I miss

3 Jul

Yesterday, while on assignment, I sat across the street from a yarn shop. This reminded me: I once knit a lot. I even became pretty decent, and made a few nice scarves. I’ve dropped that. Like I’ve dropped piano since Barnard demolished McIntosh, the building that housed my practice room. Like I’ve dropped singing since I ran out of classes to sing in. Or painting, when I moved out and away from my easel. Or theater or chemistry or Spanish or Hebrew or French.

Am I that mercurial and faddy? Or non-committal? These are all things that I can do decently, but my failure to permanently give up one in favor of the other has crippled my ability to truly excel.

Ever since I’ve invested a ton of my college time in Spectator, I’ve felt pangs of regret: have I lost these parts of myself? One aspect of journalism that really drew me in was its potential to be everything. While working in news, a reporter can learn about anything and is not restricted. Journalism is an all-encompassing lens, a license to ask all questions, etc. So I thought that was my answer, because it theoretically includes all the things I love. But for that reason, I suppose, I’ve become more of a generalist than a specialist. Too scared to give up one thing, I decided to pursue something that vaguely contains everything. Which one might call nothing. Or general happiness.

A Jewish proverb from Pirkei Avot that I remember learning in grade school says something like, ‘draw a circle around yourself. The things inside will be the things you pursue and grow in.’ Lacking a compass, I suppose, I’ve not drawn mine. Not yet, at least.


Being a couch bum for the day

26 May

Watching episode after episode of the West Wing (up to season 4 now) makes me want to save the world.

Even though I’m sometimes down on my home town, today reminded me that Great Neck is kind of nice during the summer. Tonight we ate dinner outside, and it was so lovely. Yesterday, I played tennis in the park with my brother. And went back to the piano—hopefully I can continue to practice hardcore for the rest of the summer to make up for lost time. Went to a friend’s house for conversation and Gilmore Girls. I have the rest of the week to chill. Then comes Shavuot, then one more day, then work 6 days a week (still figuring out exactly what). Yikes!