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Search terms that make me happy

15 Oct

Unlike some previous weird ones about pantyhose, I’m pleased to see people coming here after searching for information:

People may learn things! Who'da thought?

People may learn things! Who'da thought?

(Information? Not like there’s been any of that over the last few weeks, I know. I’ve been drowning in job applications, Spec, school, and life in general. And still searching for inspiration for a short story).


More on search terms

2 Sep

Only because I find it amusing, I will say that the last few days have brought readers eager to learn about “gauchos,” “terminator suit,” “eminem,” and, my personal favorite, “banana peel related injuries.” Awesome.

Just got back from a productive day followed by two matches at the U. S. Open. I love watching tennis—human athleticism in the quantities latent in Sharapova and Andy Murray is a thing to behold. And no matter how far up you sit, that display is always different from any image on your TV screen.

In other news, Spec’s orientation issue came out today! Be sure to check it out if you’re around town, or read it online.

Puppies and pantyhose

10 Jul

I was inspired by Elizabeth to check this out. The following search terms brought people to my blog yesterday:

  • bookish joy wordpress fragments of a wan
  • but sarkozy is not at all surprising th
  • mom wears a pantyhose
  • puppies lexington ave 77th