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9 Nov

Check out the date!

Thompson job

Posted the day after he lost.

I mean, who doesn’t want to work for a candidate who already lost? I suppose it lowers expectations significantly.


So long, Sarah

3 Jul

Well, at least Alaska can say that. The rest of us, though, can’t be as confident—she’s bound to dominate news cycles, conversations, and maybe even Amazon’s bestseller list with her upcoming memoir. And according to the outgoing guv herself—”this is in Alaska’s best interest”—citizens of the chilly state should cheerily bid Palin, her family, and her tanning bed adieu.

Not quite sure what to make of the news that she’s resigning. Just a few days after this was published! Smart of her to break the news today, on a realllly slow news day/vacation day. It gives press outlets things to do. Things that will doubtlessly be repeated over the weekend news. I betcha fireworks and Palin will switch off dominating all July 4 coverage.

Surely it is not coincidental that the move forces comparisons with Sanford’s recent conspicuous non-resignation. To her party, she comes out looking relatively good. Good enough for 2012?

Well, I’m excited to be endlessly amused by the campaign. And Tina Fey. 😉