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To do to do to do

1 Jun

Sorry I’ve been MIA! Last week I got sick, then it was a holiday (Shavuot, the holiday that celebrates the Torah), and all the while, my computer was gone. The pseudo-deities at the Apple store have returned it to me in good shape, which is why I can now type. Woohoo.

Aside from a few events and appointments, I’ve been lounging around for the past week. But I recalled: I have so much to do. For example, all those books on my reading list! After shirking it for the convenience of manuscripts I picked up at the New Yorker in the fall, I made a dent. But then I realized, if I did this the right way, the list will unfold eternally.

I usually try to get through books as quickly as possible—I’m anxious to start the next one—but my goal this summer is to become a painfully slow reader. I should revel in the beauty of sentences, dissect images, unravel plot mechanisms, and analyzes technical components in the hopes that some skill might rub off on me. A tiny bit. I also need to get my license, learn web design, and brush up on my languages. Jobs aside, I have tons to do. So here’s to using this summer to grow in many ways—and burgeoning knowledge of the West Wing doesn’t count.

Anyway. My 92-year-old grandfather stayed over for shavuot, which was lovely. Then today, I went to watch the parade since my brother was singing on a float. Then I joined some pals for a sunny picnic in Central Park. We chilled and played whiffle ball, briefly. Then I bought a book.


Gotta have my Shakes.

24 May

If anyone around the city this summer is reading this, let me know if you’d be interested in attending Shakespeare in the park. I’d love to go with a group to the Bacchae and the Twelfth Night. So so so excited to take advantage of these kinds of offerings!