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Chat from across the desk in Butler

13 May

I suppose this is typical. But sort of hilarious at 2 a.m. in Butler. I apologize to the person who was scared away from our sniggers re: this conversation. And moved. Sorry sorry!


Betsy: I am still sort of craving ice cream
me: lets say serious work until 2:30?
then reward w yogurt?
Betsy: since that went unsatisfied
me: okay! ready …. go!
Betsy: ready

Sic, me



13 May

I totally wasted the last 48 minutes.

C’est la vie, I guess.

P.P.S. 12:46 a.m. In the spirit of being productive, I have been reading this really interesting text for polisci. Clicky!

Oh, and I should add: really weird things going on outside tonight. A walk around campus landed me on Low steps, where a bunch of people had a fake-ish rave. They projected film onto a wall, had a tent, and danced to loud music. Then they started streaking. In capes.

In Butler, a waste land of sorts.

10 May

After a lovely outdoors lunch with Dan, the library is looking much dimmer.

Especially since the only place I could find a seat was by the window on the sixth floor. No outlet. The desk is positioned at a weird angle, so my arms are hurting already.

And oh, the view. A room with a horrible, disgusting view. Directly in front of me is a dirty window with a sign, advising all those inside to keep the windows shut due to noise and dust and “tar smells.” Yum. Immediately beyond this window is a red-brick wall, dotted with older white stones. Beyond that is a green (not copper) roof with horizontal slats that I cannot identify. To the left is the wall of Carman, and we all know what that looks like—from here, some tacky motel. And it took me a full 15 minutes to find this seat.

So here I am, procrastinating still.

Found on a Butler computer: “I seen her all crusty make up and sweaty pits. She don’t shower. Not often.”

5 May

I am currently in Butler Library, working on a paper. When I wanted to open up a document from the Temp folder, I found a ridiculous doc titled “Handjobs.” It’s 6 pages of dialogue between unnamed characters. See excerpts below:

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