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At decade’s end, a week full of nothing: It was good.

31 Dec

In which I watch too much TV, see old friends, run towards a suspicious van, and get a Twitter.

The view from here.

My new dorm: a clean, well-lighted place.

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It’s Saturday night

12 Jul

and I’m working on an article (for the Forward.) It’s the only time I have to polish things up before deadline. But I don’t resent it, because I think this one is going to be pretty meaningful. We shall see. I just don’t feel like I’m in the zone for a hardcore editing session yet. Hopefully five minutes of distractions will cure that… and maybe I’ll even finish with enough time to get some sleep for work tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I just read about the AP’s court confirmation strategy. Pretty smart for a company usually characterized as old media. Their Twitter, AP_Courtside, is already soliciting questions from readers.

Also, I’ve had unusually vivid dreams lately. One of them was a bizarre reflection on sleepaway camp. In another, for some reason, the News office was housed in the St. Louis Beacon building (weird because one is based in NY and the other in the middle of the country.. Also weird because the Beacon doesn’t have its own building), and some supernatural disaster caused a glass ceiling to cave in on top of us. All sorts of things rained down on the building, including these brown, dirty, rectangles. Since the News didn’t have me on anything at the moment, I offered to help the Beacon’s coverage of the tragedy. So I took to the apocalyptic streets, notebook in hand, to end up … in Harlem. Which is decidedly not in Missouri. Sheesh.

Stendhal’s book is a brilliant picaresque. He’s great at capturing social subtleties. I find myself savoring over details, and reading so so so slowly. At this rate, I won’t finish until the end of the summer.

my umbrella…

1 May

So we all know that “PrezBo” has a (mock) Twitter account.

But the real question is, does he?

Well, according to an interview for Spec today, nope. He said he didn’t even know what it means. He giggled when we shared sample tweets with him, including this gem: “Air conditioner in office broke, so left fridge door open.” He replied, “Ah, that’s clever.”

Later, when I caught up with him before the University Senate meeting, I borrowed at Shane’s iPhone to show him what all the hype was about. He found the entire business pretty funny, and laughed some more. (I’m writing this down here, because I don’t really see this fitting into anyone’s upcoming article…)

But I left my umbrella in his house. Wondering if/how I should ever retrieve that? I guess I could use a rain hat?

Not pretty. C’est la vie.