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Hiyooo + overheard

11 Apr

For the 1.5 of you (including myself) still reading, sorry about the long hiatus. I’m hard at work (/procrastination) on my second thesis. It’s about Othello. Here’s what I’ve been looking at for the last maaaannnny hours.


More words, less sleep

Anyway. At the moment, I’m sitting in the J-school cafe, thesising—ostensibly—with Lan. But it’s also Days on Campus, when accepted prospies storm campus and Columbia puts on its best wooing face. A group of five prospies, apparently sold on all this, sat down at a table next to me.

A short redhead in a plaid top and khaki shorts looks up and says, “Guys, this is what life will be like for the next four years. Amazing.”

Four years later, I’m not sure how I feel about this. Ah, to be young…


Best text message ever.

24 Nov

On Saturday night I went to see my friend Lan’s incredible performance at Postcrypt. I gave a copy of this book to a friend to hold while I took a picture of Lan.

It’s unclear what happened next. All I know is that about an hour later, I was sitting in a car when I realized it was gone. I worried. Because, dense as it may be, Chaucerian Theatricality has a similar theoretical basis to my planned project. So it’s pretty important.

Maybe one minute after I spoke to my friend (she didn’t know where it was), I got the following text from an amazing person: “Are you perchance missing your copy of chaucerian theatricality? i swear i’m not a stalker. i read your blog and there’s a copy on the steps…”

And now I have it back! The book didn’t even have my name in it. I’m reading it right now. Thank you thank you thank you.

And heeeeere’s Lan:

Oh, and even though I have approximately 99999 other things to do, I started McEwan’s Between the Sheets. A short story collection is good for me at the moment—as a break from novels, and as I try to understand the form and craft. So far I’ve read the first two stories. They’re sort of Cement Gardenish. Otherwise they’re different from the McEwan novels I’ve read. (They’re also much better: less over-plotting).

Anyway, back to reading. Ganim.

Chaucer guilt

3 Jul

Ah, working from home. So relaxing. About to make some calls for an article I’m working on. Technically I’m off today, but since i work 6 days a week, I don’t really have business hours for interviews. I’m excited about this one!

But while I was wasting time this morning in my den, watching the West Wing, Chaucer winked down at me. And by Chaucer, I mean the Riverside Chaucer, my big red edition. Meaning, I should get started on my thesis/independent study thing. Because gosh, when will I be able to do it during the year, with Spec going on etc?

And let me share this, via The New Yorker:

Now, an interview.