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2 Jul

Today was a sad, sad day. I was sent to cover two (unrelated) suicides–so devastating. And difficult. But more devastating. So much grief today. I don’t really know what else to say.

This is more annoying than sad, but then I lost my phone. Hours later, I finally found it on the driveway. I guess I dropped it as I was walking out of the car?

Speaking of car! Most of you probably know that I can’t drive. If you didn’t, well, the cat’s out of the bag. So sue me–although I’m a Long Islander, I went to high school and go to college in the city. Also, I admit laziness had a hand in my reliance on the Long Island Rail Road. Anyway, about two years ago my father started teaching me how to drive, and I was okay, if a bit erratic and tense and nervous. Okay, pretty erratic, tense, and nervous. And then we stopped. School picked up again, I went to St. Louis for the summer (where my lack of license led to my kind boss driving me to work, home, everywhere. Three days ago I got behind the wheel again and the whole thing seemed so much easier and relaxing. Road test/license in the not so distant future? I think so!

Oh, also: OCB is much faster than (but still not as good as) Saturday. Because the font is larger. And because it’s less jam-packed with sweeping ideas that cover more than the protagonists.

I wish Anne Hathaway were not in Twelfth Night. I have a feeling she is making tickets much harder to come by…

Excited for the long weekend, though! Doing anything interesting?


Life in brief

9 Jun

Brief due to extreme fatigue. But here it is, just to keep track for myself

Yesterday I:
-started at the Daily News
-interviewed theatergoers on the impact of Archbishop Dolan’s visit to Irena’s Vow on their viewing options
-walked a lot
-went to the bronx to work on this
-took the train home, ate, read, slept

Today I:
-went to a press opening of the High Line, the elevated park where some cool people spoke
-met some incredible reporters and fellow interns
-went to a park in the Bronx for man on the street reporting (turns out it’s the park my dad grew up in. two blocks away from his first U.S. home).
-met a person who lives in a homeless shelter for medical disabilities since he very recently woke up from a long coma that left him financially devastated
-was walked to the subway by someone I interviewed in the park
-went out to dinner
-traveled home

Bullet points mean I am lazy. Will try to not do this again. Good night.