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Update on the Class Day situation?

12 Mar

Spec has the skinny on the short list for Columbia College’s class day speaker.

  • Kofi Annan
  • Ben Jealous (NAACP President and recent John Jay honoree)
  • Julia Stiles (also a recent John Jay honoree)
  • Bill Clinton  (father to Chelsea, a public health student)
  • Sonia Sotomayor, who has taught at Columbia’s Law School

We’ll find out on March 24, Spec says. I’m thinking Kofi, since it seems more convenient. On the other hand, Columbia did fix Bill’s heart. But who knows?

(Yes yes, my interest in this is sort of irrational, since I don’t even go to CC. Still, having heard CC Class Day speakers for the last three years, I feel like this one brings me full circle. Yikes).


At the end of the day…

19 May

Another Spec day. Very tired.

But today was awesome and brimming with inspiration. I touched Hillary Clinton’s robes before the ceremony, which was thrilling in itself, and watched her deliver an intelligent speech. I was also proud of my peers who spoke at Class Day.

Then I reconnected with one of my favorite people in the world who has been missing for a year of my life. It was a wonderful reunion, and it made my day.

And it turns out I may have found a paid job with an interesting title to supplement my internship.

Then I headed to the office to help produce/write the commencement supplement.

Tomorrow, Eric Holder. After about four hours of sleep tonight…

Summer=soon. i hope.