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Another letter

12 May

Dear Barnard,

I know that our mutually dependent relationship ends one week from today. However, I thought I might clear the air by mentioning that I did not appreciate approaching my dorm after submitting a 20-pager only to feel heat coming out from under the door. Indeed, when I opened it, everything I touched was hot. And I mean everything, including my blanket. The air tasted like the way I’ve imagined a sauna might. I couldn’t figure out what had happened. Did I leave a light on? Something heat-generating, I wondered?

As it turns out, the onus is yours. (Shockingly so, since I am very much a klutz). As I neared the back of the room, I leaned on my air conditioner—and jumped back, slightly burned. Ouchies. Lo and behold, my air conditioner was blowing very, very hot air. I shut it off, and we’re doing okay now, except that I have no air conditioner. This is fine for today, but not for long.

And yes, I know I won’t be here for long. This means my own complaints carry little water. However, this will be an issue for the next person who lives in my room (hence that facilities request). Furthermore, you should care about me because I’m about to be an alumna! And I hear you have a thing for donations…

Anyway. We’re cool otherwise.

Much love,


Oh, finals

11 May

It’s what you do to me:

Which one do YOU like more?

Yikesies. The situation has since been righted in favor of the open-toe variety. Luckily, I was the first one who noticed. Though I should note it was on the way into a meeting with a professor where I was thankfully sitting down.

(This Public Service Announcement has been been sponsored by the Sleep iz Good Fund and the letter J).