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11 May

I’m sitting in Lerner, editing my paper, in a really comfortable chair.

Here is what is not so comfortable: to my right, a grown man sits in front of his computer, eating sushi with his hands. Worse, though, is his soup. He is wielding a HUGE cup of noodle soup and sipping atrociously. Now, I’m not one to call people out on their manners, but this is beyond acceptable. Every time he lifts his spoon to his mouth, I cringe in anticipation of the slurp. Slurp slurp slurp. Actually, I’m not sure why the word is slurp. Because when he does it it’s more like “thhhhlrp, thrlp thlrp thlrp thrlp.” In that frequency. One long one followed by several shorts.

Disgusting. And preventing me from focusing.