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Some perspective

2 Jun

So basically, the surface area of the BP oil spill is about equal to the size of Israel.

Serious oy vey.

If you superimposed that left floating chunk over the lower half, it would fit. They say Israel is a third the size of the State of New York. But still, this is frightening to see visualized, even with that knowledge. My hopes and prayers are with all corrective measures.


Why I love my grandmother.

14 Aug

After some last-second family planning, we went out to dinner with our cousins who live in Israel. I hadn’t seen them in over a year, and they were lovely and adorable (e.g. a seven-year-old cousin: “Well my busdriver is in jail now!”). I’m glad I got to catch them before they flew back.

To the point: my grandparents were there. My mother’s parents live in the Bronx, and sometimes meet me after, say, I cover a stabbing. As avid subscribers to the Daily News, they scan the headlines to see if I’ve contributed anything. So my grandmother brought a manila folder to dinner. In it were all of my clippings for the summer. I was so excited! That cuts out so much work for me.

But then, I noticed, on everything I’d worked on, my name was underlined. In red. Which means I probably can’t use them for professional purposes. Oops. But grandma was so cute about it: “I had a feeling that I was doing something wrong as I underlined, but I just had to.”

Meanwhile, lots of sneezing today. Yuck. I think people on the subway thought I had swine flu or something.