Oh, finals

11 May

It’s what you do to me:

Which one do YOU like more?

Yikesies. The situation has since been righted in favor of the open-toe variety. Luckily, I was the first one who noticed. Though I should note it was on the way into a meeting with a professor where I was thankfully sitting down.

(This Public Service Announcement has been been sponsored by the Sleep iz Good Fund and the letter J).


I’m in the final stretch

11 May

and here’s what it looks like.

Lots of charts for this last paper.

(So what if I multitask?)

I’ll be done with college for good when I’m done with this one. And that may be why I’m prolonging the process (in part by writing this post!).

Rehashing an older post

7 May

But be sure to visit Raphael here. Just do it.


6 May


Ariadne auf Naxos. In German, unfortunately.

It’s kind of hard for me to analyze a German libretto. Zu schlecht?

Closing time

6 May

Instead of saying something sappy—that’ll come later, I promise—I’m just going to narrate the most recent goings on. I know that I’m going to wish I kept a better record of my time here.

Graduation is in 14 days. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Yesterday, I handed in my thesis. It was my last English paper here. It was one of those ambivalent moments. I was glad to not have to worry about it anymore, but I’m going to miss belaboring over this long-term project.

Easy come, easy go.

  • Last week, Jake and I finished our very long profile of Lee Bollinger. Give it a read if you’re interested.
  • Another Spec-related note: I did my last copy shift with Betsy. That was kind of sad.
  • Also, I published my senior column, which was kind of surreal. I remember reading the senior columns of the people who brought me into the fold. I considered myself a senior column reader, and nothing more. Seeing my own column in print made the whole graduation thing seem very final. It was weird. Also, I’m used to writing sterile third-person accounts of the news, so I didn’t quite know what to say.
  • Last night was my last Spec Dinner. It was so lovely to see that bunch of really great people in the same room at once, perhaps for my very last time.
  • The Wall Street Journal’s Greater New York section launched. Woohoo! I can’t wait to start!
  • Right now, I’m working on what may be my last aesthetic/art/lit theory paper ever (assuming the future holds no Ph.D.’s for me!). Maybe my procrastination stems from the fact that this is kind of upsetting. Here’s what it looks like right now:

As you can see, I have it, um, all figured out.

Another thought: hats off to these two columnists

11 Apr

For the record, I’ve decided that More Blogging=1/Thesis Writing (MR=1/TW). Which means that this post is a sign of the slowwww going over here.

Anyway, I just want to point out a Spec columnist whose work I really really enjoy. Amin Ghadimi’s columns provide such a refreshing take on life at a generally cynical institution. In “The Way That Can Be Told,” he expresses broad (and often gloriously impractical) ideas and presents them optimistically. There’s no pretense or pomposity. And he’s rather clever. Read everything he writes and blogs.

Which leads me to delightful set of columns the second: Alexi Shaw’s columns are old but somewhat timeless. I discovered them today because Amin linked to one of them in a blog post. Shaw writes about language and modern communications. His columns have included a guide for terms of endearment and another one for insults. My favorite is Raskolnikov’s Columbia rejection letter. It’s seasonal, too!

Hiyooo + overheard

11 Apr

For the 1.5 of you (including myself) still reading, sorry about the long hiatus. I’m hard at work (/procrastination) on my second thesis. It’s about Othello. Here’s what I’ve been looking at for the last maaaannnny hours.


More words, less sleep

Anyway. At the moment, I’m sitting in the J-school cafe, thesising—ostensibly—with Lan. But it’s also Days on Campus, when accepted prospies storm campus and Columbia puts on its best wooing face. A group of five prospies, apparently sold on all this, sat down at a table next to me.

A short redhead in a plaid top and khaki shorts looks up and says, “Guys, this is what life will be like for the next four years. Amazing.”

Four years later, I’m not sure how I feel about this. Ah, to be young…