Another thought: hats off to these two columnists

11 Apr

For the record, I’ve decided that More Blogging=1/Thesis Writing (MR=1/TW). Which means that this post is a sign of the slowwww going over here.

Anyway, I just want to point out a Spec columnist whose work I really really enjoy. Amin Ghadimi’s columns provide such a refreshing take on life at a generally cynical institution. In “The Way That Can Be Told,” he expresses broad (and often gloriously impractical) ideas and presents them optimistically. There’s no pretense or pomposity. And he’s rather clever. Read everything he writes and blogs.

Which leads me to delightful set of columns the second: Alexi Shaw’s columns are old but somewhat timeless. I discovered them today because Amin linked to one of them in a blog post. Shaw writes about language and modern communications. His columns have included a guide for terms of endearment and another one for insults. My favorite is Raskolnikov’s Columbia rejection letter. It’s seasonal, too!


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