Life is good because:

1 Mar

Happy belated Purim!

  • After a year of hardcore editing, a return to reporting feels great. To be honest, I was nervous starting out. I read and read and read about the issue, putting off the actual interviews. But the moment I started cold calling, I remembered why I love reporting to begin with. I’m glad I came back to it with this story, since charter schools is a fascinating topic—one I’d like to explore further in the long term. I’m excited for more.
  • I just returned from an epic trip to Barnard’s library. But before that, I met with my advisor/senior seminar professor. We talked for 40 minutes about my paper topic, teaching, and his publishing adventures. I think I arrived at something concrete for Thesis the Second, and I’m really excited. Interactions like that remind me that I really will miss this place. As does my ability to walk outside my door for one minute, enter a library, and return with a bag chock full of Othello. And these eight are only the beginning:
  • This is before the stacks. Gotta make sure to not run out of steam this time.

  • It’s glorious outside. Not even the ridiculous amount of homework ahead of me can dampen my spirits when the sun is out.
  • !!!! Thank you, Met, for reading my mind.
  • Last week I was really out of it. I slept so much. It only made me more tired. But hibernation works! Because I’m back to being able to exist on little sleep. So stockpiling was indeed a good idea.
  • I’m seeing the Barber of Seville tonight! Love this opera class.
  • I started watching The Wire. I thought I wouldn’t, for some reason. But it’s amazing. I love the grit.
  • There were two snow days!
  • Lastly: Good idea, kiddos.

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