At decade’s end, a week full of nothing: It was good.

31 Dec

In which I watch too much TV, see old friends, run towards a suspicious van, and get a Twitter.

The view from here.

My new dorm: a clean, well-lighted place.

I finished writing a paper last Thursday night after moving into a new dorm room. (I still have to do some serious revising). But after the most strenuous and sleep-depriving semester of college thus far, I have had a magnificent week of doing absolutely nothing. Thank you, winter break.

Oh, remember when I blogged? That was sort of fun. Now that my full-time commitments to Spec are through, hopefully I can do that again. And resume being a normal human being (e.g. not being in the office until, say, 3a.m. on weeknights.). I’ll miss it. But I won’t miss the crazy parts—like hardly seeing the people I care about.

So during this week of nothing, I’ve read part of McEwan’s First Love, Last Rites, another short story collection. Very enjoyable and thought-provoking. Same for James Wood. But I haven’t been reading enough this week. It’s been mostly friends, television, movies, Mad Men, and newspapers. I read more newspapers than I do novels these days, and I’m not sure how to feel about that. Also, I hung out with a few friends I’d lost touch with. As a culmination to the great 2009 Week of Nothing (henceforth WON), I created a Twitter account. I told myself I’d never ever do this. I did.

Anyway. I hope 2010 sees a better world, a place where things like this don’t happen. As for me, I will take myself to task until I:

  • Resume being a serious student for my last semester of college.
  • Learn more outside of the classroom. I’m leaving this one broad on purpose.
  • Make more time for things that matter.

A digressive anecdote: Yesterday, I was in Times Square and this happened. Instead of moving away, I drew closer. I wanted to know more, and I wanted to see if I knew any of the reporters and photographers. That can’t be good. Anyway. Later in Times Square, I saw the ball perched atop a skyscraper. From where I stood, it looked like a basketball mysteriously floating on the eye of a needle. I hope 2010 is more graceful than that.

I can’t believe this decade is ending. It’s the first full one I can remember from start to finish, that I can bookend with events (9/11, job search) and frame with people. That makes me feel old.

Happy 2010! Thank you to everyone who has been so good to me. Wishing everyone the best year.


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