Evidence of the world’s ridiculousness

22 Oct
  • I am supposed to be working on an English paper, but instead I’m drawn to my fiction. Which is to say, I would rather write a short story than a critical essay. WHAT! If someone would have told me I’d feel this way now one week ago, I would have laughed. A lot. But now that the plot is vaguely outlined, bringing characters to life is such a pleasurable enterprise. They are living in my head.
  • An Iranian-American scholar who was supposed to be teaching at Columbia will likely be in prison for 15 years for doing, well, not much of anything.
  • The events of last weekend.
  • I’m not reading enough in general.
  • I am able to be semi-coherent on so few hours of sleep. So few, even for me.
  • Last but not least…A Fox analyst learned he would be fired via a Google Alert. Thank you, Google Alerts, for notifying me.(See second item. I found out via … Google Alert.)

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