Back to school!

15 Sep

I’ve been breaking in notebooks for the last week, and it feels slightly different this time around. It could be because it may be the last fall in which I go through this life-stabilizing routine. I’m sure life will be good in the long run, but transitioning from one phase to another seems thorny…

Also, I was talking to Elizabeth about the True Blood finale—which ended on a cliffhanger—and she said that the next season starts in ten months. By then, I’ll be, well, not here. True Blood is the first tangible thing that I can say starts after I graduate. What a weird way to mark time.

Anyway. Here are the classes I’m enrolled in right now. I should probably drop one, but I really love them all (except for the one my parents are making me take). And when will I ever have another chance to take such courses? But then again, some sleep is good, I guess. Hit me up with suggestions, given the following constraints.

  • Freedom of Speech and the Press. A political science course run like a law course taught by Prez Bo. The reading is short but dense, dense but riveting. The topic is important to me. And, it fulfills a minor requirement for polisci. Awesome!
  • Independent Study. I’m working one-on-one with a Chaucer expert instead of doing the regular senior seminar. I met with him today and I am psyched! My first project is to read the Canterbury Tales cover to cover over the next few weeks. Yay! (Note that I meet with him once every few weeks, so it’s a lot of homework with very little class time).
  • 17th Century Prose and Poetry. I took this as my last major requirement—aside from thesis stuff—and it turns out to be really, really interesting. Lots of John Donne! And the professor was president of the Donne Society. Perfection.
  • Principles of Economics. I am not required to take this course for anything, but my parents are making me. That said, though I’ve never been economically inclined, the professor is hilarious and brilliantly captivating. And it’s generally good to know. Maybe I’ll P/D/F this one.
  • Intermediate French. Just for fun—because I love languages and the professor is great. I guess I could drop it but it is a breeze and actually practical.
  • Beginning Fiction Workshop. Given the constraints mentioned above, this would be the logical course to drop. But that would be a copout, you know? Since workshops are scary. And I’ve never pushed myself to write fiction. It’s something I’d like to start now and advance in next semester, but it is technically a superfluous course. Hm.

This brings me to a total of 20 credits. Not good. Help.

This is me, confused.


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