Life’s a circus.

22 Jul

The best part about work: every day is different. Unlike many of my friends, I am not confined to an office (and when I am in the office, it’s pretty damn exciting).

Today I went to Coney Island again:

Stillwell Ave. Subway Stop

Stillwell Ave. Subway Stop

But this time, there was no beach. Instead, I got to hang out with these guys:

Check out those trunks!

Check out those trunks!

I worked on a followup to a story about a PETA video that showed circus elephant abuse. Many interesting conversations. And the whole circus setting brought me back to a book I read and enjoyed awhile ago, Water for Elephants. I also had a bit of an adventure being chased out of the performers’ parking lot by security guards wielding handguns.

But more about the animals themselves: elephants are actually surprisingly elegant up close. They unfurl their trunks one notch at a time, in a fluid motion that echoes the movement of an octopus. The equanimical creatures stand together, sharing a bowl of carrots, their ultra-flexible trunks doing loop-the-loops around each other. Sort of hypnotic. And beautiful—especially when they use all that power to grasp a single blade of hay.


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