15 May

(n.b. I had a deja vu that I had posted this already. That was so weird. Must have been a dream)

I’m officially a senior! I am so old. This is bizarre. Especially because my memories of freshman orientation remain, floating sharply in my mind. I remember exactly where I sat, who I was with, the impressions I was forming. It seemed like freshman land stretched out in front of me, winding into the terrain of forever. And gosh, my orientation guide was a junior, and she seemed old. Never did I think I would make it to that point. Not because of a lack of self-belief or whatever, but just because it seemed so far off. Mentally.

Time is springier than one imagines it will be. This was the shortest year I remember. It seems like I was just on the airplane to St. Louis yesterday. Somehow it’s summer again?

But I suppose that suits me well. Because I love old men. And sweating with the oldies.

So I’m a senior citizen at Barnard, and I’m proud of it.


One Response to “Aging…”

  1. Elizabeth May 16, 2009 at 6:08 pm #

    “Because I love old men. And sweating with the oldies.” –Joy

    (that belongs on the quote wall out of context)

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