for the record

8 May

Made of Honor is actually the dumbest movie ever.

1) There is no way all of Scotland is festive, draped in plaid, and dressed in kilts.
2) There is no way Patrick Dempsy is young enough to play one so dumb, or one whose kilt was short enough to expose some stuffff.
3) The romantic plot line–sooo original, right? Gosh, who knew it would end that way? Suspense!
4) Really realistic too. Like when he just finds a horse when he needs a mode of transportation. Or when he is catapulted into the church off the horse the second before the couple says “I do.”
5) Well-written nuggets like the “athole” bit, the thunder beads, and the various i love you lines. Nice script.

Wow. I was home tonight, and did final reads in front of this movie. Honestly, though, it was really, truly entertaining.



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