This is every kind of awesome.

5 May

Check out this Cityroom article about ‘Kosher tequila’. Choice bit:

“It was just a thing we came up with,” he said. “Everything is in marketing.”

Mr. Silver said the kosher labeling is supposed to appeal beyond the narrow kosher market. “We want to get into many accounts, many of them are not Jewish, in fact 90 percent of the aren’t,” he said.
He compared it with Manischewitz wine.

“Everyone knows Manischewitz,” he said. “So many who are not Jewish are drinking Manischewitz.”

He added, “If someone says it’s kosher, they say it’s more pure, they think it’s better.”

Just got back from the Daily News office, where I met my boss and got my ID. It was thrilling to be in a real, fast-paced newsroom, and heartening to be introduced to some ex-Speccies who now run the metro desk there. I am excited and terrified to be thrown into the thick of things in June.

Back to papers!


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