In case y’all were wondering

3 May

My hat protected me very well, thanks! It is big and floppy and covers my head. As dopey as it may look … Whatever. Function over style. I just want the rain to stop already! Yuck. But then again, it’s Butler impetus.

In other news, saw the Varsity Show today. Very impressed by the talents of those on stage and the set design! And also that Dean Quigley has seen it at least twice (he was there, again, rocking it out in the front row). Spec jokes were cheap but whatever. Also, bumped into a certain ex-Barnard prez in her sweats in Starbucks today, reading peacefully.

I’m pooped. And have a lot of paper writing to do. Sooooon.

Also: last night of production! (aside from supplements). Time trial!


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