When I grow up

29 Apr

I want to be Corey Kilgannon.

His most recent piece about a 90-year old reporter is emblematic of his beautiful, poetic, quirky feature stories. He finds smaller stories that illuminate broader facets of life, and complements the text with videos and multimedia pieces. Pieces like this one, for example, take a single compelling case, and then use it to explain tough concepts, such as city departments, that are habitually described in jargony single-paragraph explanations in standard news articles. Incredible.

We were fortunate enough to have him visit the Spec office on Monday evening, where he shared his story with us. He says he sees the world in terms of potential pieces, and has a feel for what might draw the interest of the broad New York Times readership. Gregarious and humorous, he hardly fails to eke out the heart of the matter from sources he sees on the city streets from his car.

I learned so much from hearing him speak, and hope to incorporate some of his style and techniques into my work in the future.


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